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Demand Talent are recruitment specialists focused primarily in R2R (rectorec), In-House/Internal Recruitment and Talent Acquisition sales recruitment. We are the go to for recruitment jobs across Scotland and also have UK wide and international client partnerships.

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We believe in listening and serving our community. Hopefully, you can trust we know what we’re doing and doing it the right way.


We’re armed with years of experience helping scale start-ups in hyper growth phase. We’re here with the knowledge, experience and skills to solve your problems.


Our recruiters have experience in the industries we recruit. We believe we can speak your language and deliver quality information and service.

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Let Demand Talent help progress your career and make the process seamless, We have client trust and can help you stand out from the crowd.

On another level to any business I have seen in the world of Rec - Rec

"Craig and Demand Talent is on another level to any individual or business I have seen in the world of Rec - Rec.

I must have spent close to 20 hours of time on the phone with him throughout the process of moving jobs and never during one minute of it did I feel like he wasn’t actively listening to everything I said. He’s a busy guy, I know that but he always makes time at any time of the day or night to be there for you. He also has the answers to every question, most of the time before even having to ask!

Simply one of a kind, the plaudits I have for the guy I could write a novel and still wouldn’t have enough money pages.

You are a credit and a benchmark to the industry, I’m just glad I got to work with you and look forward to you being my trusted supplier for talent in the future!

Thank you mate! "

Secured the perfect role for me

Craig is one of the good guys. In the whole time I dealt with Craig, he wasn't pushy at all and really took the time to understand my strengths and ambitions before offering any advice.

Craig's recommendations, advice and industry knowledge helped me secure a role which was a perfect fit for me. I'd have no hesitation in recommending him and would suggest that, whether you're looking for a new opportunity or not, have a chat with him. You'll get a whole load of insight into the current market as well as honest advice, without the obligation to take things any further.

Great talent supplier

Craig is what the rec to rec sector needs. His pro active approach and personality in my opinion fills a gap. He has been a pleasure to deal with and is consultative at all times, well exceeding any other rec to rec I have dealt with in the past.  I have recommended him to other peers and wish him the very best

Industry's good guys!

I have worked with Craig for a few years now, both as a client and candidate and I can genuinely recommend him as one of the Rec2Rec industries good guys. Always honest, reliable and genuinely gets to know his candidate's personalities, aspirations and career goals exceptionally well. Craig has successfully placed me into an IT leadership role and his service was top notch. From initial engagement where he bought me lunch and went through a detailed discovery session on what I wanted to achieve in my next career move to providing extensive detail about his clients and their growth plans. He arranged multiple introduction calls and interviews within a matter of days. Equally, Craig has placed multiple talented IT recruitment consultants with me across two separate businesses and the service again was exemplary. What also impressed me about Craig's work is the level of coverage he has across the UK. He was able to recommend some of the best recruitment consultancies nationally who all work with him and also working with him as a client he was not confined to talent in the local market. He was also very pro-active in working with consultants relocating from all parts of the UK and further afield. If you are looking to hire high calibre recruitment consultants or considering a new career move I can genuinely recommend Craig and the services of Demand Talent.

Asset to the industry

"I have used the services of Craig Dunn at Demand Talent on a number of occasions now and would highly recommend his services. As someone new in the Rec 2 Rec market, Craig has worked extremely hard to ensure he gets to know me as a client, what I am looking for in my candidate and looks to match someone who will not only do the job well, but also fit the culture.

 Throughout the process, Craig is always in touch with detailed and regular updates, does what he says he will do in the lead up to the candidate starting, which helps on both sides of the fence and ensures a fully engaged starter on day 1.

 What I find most impressive and unique about Craig, is that he truly cares about the success of his placements, not only keeping in touch with his placed candidate, but also myself as a Hiring Manager on several occasions and is definitely not looking merely to fill a seat.

 Craig is a great personality and an asset to the industry and I wish him deserved and continued success with his business.

proactive, professional, efficient

"Craig has taken the time to really understand MBN's business and our needs when it comes to hiring for our internal talent at all levels. This allows him to send over relevant profiles, well qualified and well informed on our business. He is and can deliver on tight deadlines. When we are hiring I can trust that he will deliver the service we need. He has even passed us an IT lead who is now a client of ours, great job Craig!"

We recently had a situation where Craig introduced a brilliant candidate to us however we had already engaged her directly and although Craig knew she was amazing and definitely place able with a number of his other clients he actively encouraged her to focus solely on the opportunity with us because he knew she’d be perfect for us. I was super impressed with his loyalty and integrity although I have to say, not at all surprised because above all else he is a genuinely lovely guy.

Filled various key senior positions

Craig and I worked on several recruitment assignments for Mitsubishi Electric, he successfully filled various key positions including the posts of Commercial Manager and Health and Safety Officer. I found working with him to be efficient and professional. We worked very closely on the roles and he identified and sent over high calibre candidates who are still working successfully in their positions

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